We’ve been quiet for a while because we have been busy developing crowdCaster, and now we have some important news to share with you. We will be formally announcing the launch of the complete initial feature set of the crowdCaster audio platform in a few days’ time and as pioneer crowdCasters we wanted you to hear about it from us first.

What we’ve been doing is:

  • Podcasts – We’ve designed and now integrated into the existing site a new low-cost facility for uploading and sharing podcasts – essentially longer audio formats – of up to an hour.
  • Choice of audio formats – So this means you can choose between Casts, Shows and Podcasts when uploading audio – and you can create longer Shows by linking Podcasts too.
  • New embedding service – Audio content can now be embedded in your own website as single items in three different formats of your choice – and embedded in blogs if you want people to hear your voice as you write.
  • New live feed – You can also create a live feed for your content, to showcase it on your own website – which will be updated automatically with new audio when you take it live.
  • Downloading – Content can be downloaded as an mp3 file – as well as shared by email.

These changes are live from today and there are more refinements to come – we hope that you will feel that this enhanced flexibility adds to your enjoyment and use of the site.  And these developments are in response to feedback we received during the beta phase which began almost a year ago, and they will be available on mobile during August.  We’ll keep you posted on further developments as they happen.

We’d love you to try out these new features – we always welcome your feedback – so please keep talking to us and broadcasting to the world!  It’s about you and what you have to say. Oh, and there’s plenty to listen to as well.

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