crowdCaster is a social impact enterprise launched in 2015 by Online Radio Broadcasting Limited. Its mission is “Giving People a Voice” through its revolutionary social broadcasting web-based and mobile applications – informing, uplifting and empowering human experience, and bringing communities together in every part of the world, offering the human voice as a force for good.

Online Radio Broadcasting describes crowdCaster’s focus on “voice” as the next big frontier in social media, describing it as “social broadcasting”.

Online Radio Broadcasting Limited was originally formed as StudyVox Limited in 2009 by Kevin Martin, Sara Martin and Iain Rawlinson as a platform to support the needs of young people, especially the student community, through the newly emerging social networking phenomenon.

“Giving People a Voice”

Early on in this journey the founders embraced the mission of “Giving People a Voice” – and fulfilled this through the creation of an online radio studio in Oxfordshire, UK which broadcast a variety of shows for three years to March 2015.

During our research we realised that the needs of many people, groups and organisations – irrespective of age – were outgrowing the flat screen experience of social networking, and that increasingly there was a need for voices to be heard over and above written words. This was also becoming particularly true for individuals – no longer was it sufficient to interact with friends by written word with references to moving and static images. The same applied to organisations and communities. Something else was missing.

There was a need for the authenticity of voice.

Individuals, groups, communities and a wide range of organisations want to share their thoughts on subjects of interest, issues of the day and the challenges they face. People want to be connected and empowered. Online radio is the new powerful communications tool for these individuals and organisations – and Online Radio Broadcasting Limited aims to make the radio experience and truly democratic by giving everyone, wherever they are, the ability to make and listen to short broadcasts on any topic from anywhere in the world.

The launch of crowdCaster in July 2015 is the most recent development in Online Radio Broadcasting’s mission of “Giving People a Voice”.