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The Power of Social Broadcasting

For years, we’ve invited iconic voices, from television and radio, into our homes. Today, with the power of technological advancement and a movement towards social sharing, we have an opportunity give media back to the people. This is where the power of social broadcasting becomes really important - in its ability to democratise audio, giving voices to those we couldn’t hear before, and giving rise of a new era of information sharing around the globe! With greater access and instantaneous recording on crowdCaster, the world can hear the news, or tap into your thoughts, stories and ideas immediately.

140 Seconds Can Change Everything

Your casts could be anything from talking about your day, to sharing ideas or music, reporting on the latest news, or you could share information and raise awareness of causes. Build an audio portfolio, change the world - or just have some fun! Simply by using crowdCaster as the audio platform of choice for giving people a voice, you are changing the way society uses broadcast media, for the better.

Social Broadcasting on the Move

Take crowdCaster with you, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.